Garden: Lungwort (Pulmonaria)

Just got a comment here from a reader who asked me about the small pinky-purple flowers visible behind the daffodil in my first photo. Thank you Dawn for giving me an excuse to post about these, because they’re a new favourite of mine: lungwort, a traditional English wildflower that’s made its way into garden cultivation. Lungwort has pretty, white-spotted leaves and clusters of flowers that, magically, are pink when they first open but then slowly fade through purple to blue over the duration of their life. Historically it was used as a medicinal herb for the treatment of coughs and chest conditions, but now it’s grown purely for the beauty of its flowers and leaves:

Lungwort closeup

Close-up of a lungwort flower.

I admit that when I found these coming up in my garden earlier this spring, I didn’t know what they were either but I was charmed by them and knew I had to find out. Fortunately my mother, who is a keener gardener by far than I am, supplied the answer.


Aren’t they lovely?


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