Home: A moment’s peace

There’s something very special about living in a place where one feels spiritually healed just by stepping out of the front door. I’m going to be mostly working this week (I’m a freelance editor, so I get to work from home), but I had to go out just now to take something to the post office. As I opened the door and stepped onto the path, the whole valley felt silent – no wind, no cars, no voices. The air was still and neither warm nor cold, the sky a pale silver grey.

And it felt like someone had pulled the emergency brake on my soul. I’d been running at usual 21st-century mental speed, worrying about this, thinking about that, doing five things at once… and suddenly, blessedly, my mind just came to a complete and perfect stop. I stood for a moment, simply breathing, listening, looking around me, and felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders. It’s like having Heaven on your doorstep, living here.

Here’s a quick shot of the view over the valley, with the clouds breaking to show a flash of sunlight across on Danby Low Moor:


Danby Low Moor

The view from my doorstep.

And now, back to work…


One thought on “Home: A moment’s peace

  1. There is something really extraordinary about a place that brings your soul to stillness. We are pulled and tugged and even dragged by the the responsibilities of life, and the fear of not measuring up, of failing to meet somebody’s expectations (or worse, our own.) Just to be still, to feel God standing next to us, gazing out over the world with us. ❤

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